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Year of production: 2016

Music by: 21 Pilots

University of Nebraska Kearney's dance minor program asks its students to put on a mini concert to show the culmination of their class work. Mary Dowark was my choreographer.

Video coming soon

Somebody's Hero: Deeper than Blood, Journey Through the Night, Faith in Numbers 

Year of production: 2016

Music by: Barlow Girl, Anna Alex, Carrie Underwood

This student produced concert was entirely choreographed by Makenzie Hinrichs. It showed the different kinds of heroes people have: friends, literal heroes, and faith.

Video coming soon

UNK Student Dance Workshop: Community

Push and Pull: Icarus

Year of production: 2017

Music by:

This Piece was choreographed by Noelle Bohaty.  It is a piece mixes three stories. The story of Icarus, the Princess Ariadne, and ...

Video coming soon

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